Medical school with face-to-face lessons starting Monday

Medical school with face-to-face lessons starting Monday

Merida Yucatan September 16, 2021 (ACOM). – 19 months after it closed, UADY Medical School will resume face-to-face classes with strict health controls and protocols, told Carlos Castro Sansores, campus director.

“Returning to face-to-face educational activities is a priority, after two academic years that have practically occurred due to the health emergency caused by Covid,” he said.

The institution will implement strict measures and specific protocols for the educational interest of students, with staggered schedules, reduced capacity in classrooms, workshops and laboratories and access to buildings, library and conference rooms, and endeavors at all times to protect young people.

The priority is not to delay the students’ educational conditions and develop their abilities, because a large part of the curriculum topics include face-to-face practices and knowledge development in the fields.

“From the first year of undergraduate study, medical students must be involved in the management aspects of medical and laboratory equipment, the use of microscopes, chemical elements and teamwork mechanics, so these tasks will be prioritized under highly controlled conditions. So that students can complete these activities ‘, he explained.

Medical school with face-to-face lessons starting Monday

Since last year, teachers have been working with new students providing advice and support to maintain quality education and support the information, knowledge and practice needs of young people, but it is essential to develop skills and with it support the needs in practice of future clinicians.

The director added that the university took all required measures, so other schools such as secondary schools and colleges began to return to group practices, workshops and laboratories, in an effort to restore students their connections, student experiences and needs as well. Between small groups after long months of confinement.

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