The flag illuminates the capital of the Holy Kingdom again


More than 200 scholars will showcase their work through more than 70 activities organized for the “European Night for Scholars”

Covid-19 has brought new interest to the community. Science took center stage after the pandemic sparked curiosity as to why things happened. He was identified by a fictitious university president Jaen University, Juan Gomez, is especially happy to make a new appointment with “Night of European Scholars”which restores its existence.

More than 200 researchers will present their work in an informative manner through more than 70 activities that will be conducted in the five designated venues. Specifically, they are the Plaza de El Corte Inglés, the Old School of Teaching, the Jaén Cathedral, the Jaén Museum and the Iberian Museum.

As usual, it will take place last Friday on September 24, promoted by the European Commission within the Mari Skodowska-Curie procedures for the Horizon 2020. Details were revealed at an event in the Plaza de Santa Maria, where Juan Gómez defended that now “is precisely the moment that requests It contains information on scientific progress for citizens.

In his speech, Juan Gómez explained that, having been held in the form of Ollin last year, the event will return to the streets, squares and museums in a night full of science and technology through workshops, small meetings, exhibitions and performances, in a program. It covers practically all branches of knowledge. And it will do so in the same way that presence at all universities resumed this week.

View European Night for Scholars.

The presentation ceremony also included the interventions of Julio Milan Muñoz, Mayor of Jaén, who thanked the event organization for efforts to restore existence and “that the streets are busy with those doing science and research at the UJA”. For his part, Francisco Joaquín Martínez Garvin, Regional Delegate for Universities, highlighted the consolidation of this initiative in Jaen, as “a remarkable display of science, and an acknowledgment of so much work done by great professionals, whose work is vital, because they work in science. For everyone, for Advance society, to make the world a little better.”

Jesus Estrella Martinez, Regional Delegate for Culture, also spoke, explaining the commitment of the Ministry of Culture and Historic Heritage with regard to today’s content, through workshops in places such as the Musée Jaén or the Iberian Museum, to ensure that “science and historical concepts of heritage seem distant, but nonetheless approaching” more and more “. Angel Vera Sandoval, Regional Representative for Culture, emphasized the goals of this activity of “publishing and defending the value of research”.

In addition, Francisco Juan Martinez Rojas, vicar-general of the Jaén cathedral, expressed his satisfaction that the cathedral is cooperating once again as the seat of activities; While Teresa Cruz Sanchez, Director General of the Discover Foundation, emphasized the leading role at the Andalusian level of the University of Jaén as organizer of an event that later extended to the rest of Andalusian capitals and emphasized that “it will be a night of knowledge and a very safe one”.

Finally, Luis Jesús García Lomas Possebet, Deputy Director of Caja Rural de Jaén, Barcelona and Madrid, who stressed the entity’s commitment and support for this event. It gave way to Miguel Sainz Romero, Head of Communications and Corporate Relations at El Corte Inglés in Jaén, who highlighted the dimensions and impact of this activity in the city of Jaén, “the largest public event ever”.

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