Medicines are missing | Mexico Herald

Medicines are missing |  Mexico Herald

And in the last media meeting on the unified procurement of medicines and medical devices, the delay in these purchases appeared again, which expects the continued shortage of these supplies in clinics and hospitals in the health sector.

This has caused that in more and more events, families have to pay out of their pockets for health supplies across the country.

At the meeting, which was streamed online, were representatives of Canifarma, Canacintra AMID, Amelab and Amepres, who expressed skepticism about the United Nations Office for Projects and Services (UNOPS) continuing to lead the process that left a very bad pause for the fourth quarter if you consider that it Among the 190 member states of the United National Organization (UN), only Mexico that was in the midst of the pandemic saw its health system unprotected due to a shortage of medicines. Medicines shortages are exacerbated as hospitals are once again saturated with infection with the coronavirus, in addition to delays in surgeries and other procedures that have not been performed due to the pandemic.

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In a frank hearing on Friday, Metepec authorities gave the green light to privatize the municipal solid waste collection, transportation and permanent disposal service over the next 25 years. The act was condemned by the elected mayor, Fernando Flores, who indicated via his Twitter account: “We will not allow the dark business to be carried out at the expense of #Metepeequences money. No to the privatization of the garbage service for 25 years. We Metepequenses can do the work without spending millions of pesos in a company It was only Gabriela Gamboa Sánchez, the outgoing mayor, who called the extraordinary session to get council members to agree to a project by which he seeks, before he leaves, to award a contract to provide this service until 2046, with a commitment of resources. from the following departments. Since May 29, 2019, Gamboa Sánchez has awarded a garbage collection contract to Grupo Integral de Recolección y Reciclados de Occidente SA de CV and JDJ Equipo y Construcciones SA de CV, for garbage collection, for 224 million 865 thousand pesos, expiring on December 31. , 2021 … Technical regulations and standards with a gender perspective are essential tools to ensure safety in work environments and promote growth in the economy. NYCE, led by Carlos Pérez, will promote gender equality in the NMX’s Mexican Standards Development Activities. This, by certifying a letter of commitment on integrating a gender perspective into the content of technical norms and standards and developed by professionals who participate in technical committees and standardization activities coordinated by NYCE in your business plan.

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