Mental Health Days Award will be given at the Grand Awards Ceremony – Hero Companies

Mental Health Days Award will be given at the Grand Awards Ceremony – Hero Companies

Ayyam promotes the employee well-being movement by awarding a special award to the company that has participated and shown high indicators in favor of the mental health of its employees in the International Ranking of Heroic Happiness Companies.

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live 13.5 degrees Gifts International Happiness Ranking hero companies In its second edition, now with the merger of new allies, on 9 June this year it was announced by a He livesand share daysAnd the Who will give an exclusive appreciation at this event Heroes Awards. Nancy MartinezCEO of LIVE 13.5 ° and founder of this wonderful initiative, in an interview Javier RazoCEO and Co-founder of dayswho shows sympathy, support and endorsement for the mission of this arrangement, and bestows Mental Health Award The company that has been ranked reveals high rates of mental health for its employees.

International Happiness Ranking hero companies, aims to create, identify, enable and accredit organizations that promote well-being and happiness as a strategic value in employee productivity. go along with this daysAnd the A company that aims to improve people’s quality of life by developing healthy habits that increase their well-being and self-care, decided to join this initiative. He lives To promote awareness in businesses, positively impact the lives of as many people as possible and share tools that help them live more virtuous lives.

One of the main problems of mental health management at work is due to the lack of importance given to mental illnesses, because they do not manifest as clearly as physical illnesses.

There are 4 main signs of poor mental health in an organization: 1) absenteeism, 2) low productivity, 3) getting to know each other as much as possible, and 4) increased employee turnover. days She is fully aware of this and that is why she seeks to create an organizational culture where companies care about the mental health of their workers by enhancing communication. In a CISI survey of more than 7,000 financial services employees, more than 50% of employees do not feel comfortable discussing their mental health with their leaders.

The mental health award, Its goal is to raise awareness in companies about the mental well-being of companies and at the same time motivate those companies that are already doing so to continue their work and not give up the struggle to improve the quality of life of their employees.

The winning company Mental Health Award He will be the one who promotes the healthy mental health of its employees, and above all, demonstrates that they already have low levels of stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. The indicators that will be evaluated for the knowledge of the company already mentioned are: measures of employee turnover, talent retention, stress, depression, anxiety, and perceived burnout; But above all, they demonstrate high levels of happiness, a sense of purpose, a better work environment and mental, emotional and behavioral health conditions for their collaborators.

But wait! Not all yet! days Committed to the wellness made possible through daily self-care and the support of the wellness community, as well as mental health award, Some other surprises for both the ranked companies and special guests at the awards ceremony!:

  • Web Talk “The future of self-care and well-being at work” by the company into the top five and the complete program of the company that wins Mental Health Award
  • Free entry to the platform for a month days
  • Book Find Your Best Copy by Leo Rastogi Ph.D in English to the CEOs attending the event.
  • 1 program days On the workplace of the top 30 leaders of this event.

Healthy and happy employees are a reflection of a productive and efficient company. days and the International Happiness Ranking hero companies They invite you to strive and promote in your organization the well-being of the five areas of life: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial, to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We invite you to embrace a culture of organizational well-being and happiness, recognizing and appreciating the importance of human capital, if you are a CEO, General Manager or Human Resources Director and you are interested in attending Heroes Awards Submit at the following site:

Learn more about days visit:

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