SECITI kicked off the conference cycle with an exhibition on science and power in the 21st century

In the Emar Acosta Chamber of the regional legislature, the cycle of conferences organized by SECITI began with the keynote address “Science and Power: Challenges of Regional Development and Cognitive Justice in the Twenty-first Century” by Mg. Mr. Robin Zarate.

SECITI has presented this space designed to challenge the categories we think of in the world, in the midst of the new complexities we face in the 21st century post-pandemic.

The Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation, Marietta Benavente, participated in the conference and was attended by Fabiola Oboni (National MP), Fernanda Paredes (District Representative), Daniela Rodriguez (Chambas Provincial Council member), and a CGT representative. and CTA, as well as SECITI employees and the general public.

The speaker provided a detailed overview of the changes that humanity has experienced over time with the emergence of elements that have changed people’s daily system in terms of information and technology, among other important issues. After the main conference, attendees were able to exchange ideas about what had been revealed.

Ruben Zarate has a degree in Political Science from Rosario National University, and an MA in Higher Education from Comaho National University. He is a member of the Directory of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the National Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. He served as Minister of Education and Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Chubut Province.

Since 2021, he has accompanied the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Government of San Juan in building the strategic plan and defining a new institutional setting that will allow to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century associated with development. Equity and inclusion in the region.

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