Meteorite seen in North America | Science | Astronomy – Sciences – Life

Meteorite seen in North America |  Science |  Astronomy – Sciences – Life

Last Sunday, March 7, a meteor passed over Vermont (USA), and CanadaWhich impressed those who witnessed the event.

According to NASA’s Meteor Observatory, eyewitnesses reported seeing Glowing fireball Around 5:38 pm that day.

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The meteorite first appeared over northern Vermont, at an altitude of 84 kilometers, and moved northeast at a speed of 13 miles per second, crossing 53 kilometers.

finally, Cheek on Beach Hill, In Orleans County, United States.

The Meteor Observatory published, through its Facebook account, a picture indicating the location of the people who saw the passage of the meteorite (black arrows), as well as its path (marked by the blue arrow).

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According to the reports of the observatory, “based on more than 100 eyewitness reports, the path does not change significantly, but the speed drops to 42,000 mph (19 kilometers per second) “.

The object is thought to have been a remnant of an asteroid that “shattered violently, resulting in the production of a.” Pressure wave That shook the buildings and generated the sound that those close to the path could hear. “

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This eruption may have also caused tremors, though the meteorite was barely noticeable It weighs 4.5 kg And he had it Its diameter is 15 cm.

As NASA described it, this was a “cute little firework, provided by Mother Nature.”

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