Mexican Barbara Lopez entered the cinema after her success in the series

Mexican Barbara Lopez entered the cinema after her success in the series

Mexican actress Barbara Lopez defines herself as a “well-cultivated” woman, who enjoys the simplicity of life and asserts that she wants to devote herself more to cinema after her first foray into this art with the movie “El Masiro”.

“In the first movie I made, I got a very small engagement, so it’s really my first time doing something in the cinema, and although I’m open to the possibilities, I’d like to continue making films,” Lopez says, about to release the film in United State.

The truth is, Barbara considers that she wasn’t too far out of that shape. “I feel like what I did on TV is a bit like ‘waiter,’ not in tone, but in time and perception,” he says.

That’s because the products the platforms have introduced in recent years seek a more cinematic language, and Barbara has been a part of these great TV changes.

Although he knows the world of telenovelas well, his career consists of series such as “Desenfrenadas” (2020), “The Game of the Keys” (2019), which is already awaiting the second and final season, “Señorita 89”, which is not yet released, His production sparked many intrigues.

Fear of comedy

With “The Waiter” Barbara had to face comedy indirectly, which is one of the challenges she faces as an actress, despite the fact that in many of the projects in which she participated, little humor was mixed with drama.

“A lot of us as actors are afraid of comedy, but it’s something we have to face at some point,” he asserts with appreciation that his character for Mariana wasn’t the one with the strongest sense of humor.

“I was so relieved that the role of Mariana fell on the romantic side of the story because I think it was the best that came out to me at the time,” she explains.

Last July, Barbara witnessed the Mexico premiere of the film she co-starred with Vader Derbez and now, the 29-year-old actress will be experiencing the said work’s arrival in the United States on August 27 through the Pantaya platform.

“I am so happy that the Latinos out there had the opportunity to see this movie,” the actress says.

Rebel spirit

If several projects in which Barbara Lopez has been involved coincide, she seeks to define a different and purposeful proposal with which to break the stereotypes and conservative mores that have ruled society for years.

Perhaps the most memorable, and most visible work happened in 2018, with her participation as Juliana in the telenovela “Amar a muerte”, after she represented a lesbian who dared to live her love for another girl in an honest way.

This project changed the life of the actress in many personal aspects, and despite its great success, she was not afraid that she would end up categorizing in one character or some kind of story.

“There were difficult things about this project, but I don’t feel that they set me apart for a character. There are different audiences for each of my works, and the tricky thing is that I’m suddenly in the public eye, and I, who wasn’t used to that, had to be more careful about things. I did it,” she recalls.

The actress hopes to have more projects in which she can continue to break models and is currently waiting for the second season premiere of “The Key Game” and “Miss 89” whose recording ended two weeks ago.

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