Mexico, at the level of Uganda with no support from fiscal stimulus: International Monetary Fund


The Financial support To try to avoid closing Economic activities Due to the epidemic, Mexico and Uganda appear to be the two countries that provided the least amount of stimulus, according to International Monetary Fund figures (International Monetary Fund(Provided by the International Institute of Finance)IIF).

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According to an analysis conducted in 84 countries, it was observed that Mexico and Uganda provided less than one point of GDP in their fiscal stimulus strategies, with countries such as Germany and Italy providing support to 40% of GDP.

The analysis indicates that it is countries such as Peru and Brazil, located in Latin America, that have given the greatest incentives to reverse the effects of the epidemic.

According to analysts from the rating agency Moody’s And the The answer is in the case of Mexico Financial He was not very aggressive, Pressure at work And families, who contributed very little to contain the economic impact of the epidemic.

For Moody’s The Absence of support On the part of the Mexican government, income and employment levels will continue to decline, as small businesses will continue to fail.

“Corporate bankruptcy will continue to affect domestic demand and the potential for a Quick recoveryThey warned that they would leave a deep scar in the Mexican economy. “

For its part, IIF Mexico, India, South Africa and Turkey explains that by not spending much on expansionary policy, it may be difficult for them to return to pre-crisis fiscal levels, once the pandemic is over.


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