Mexico is already in a trade dispute with the United States: a specialist – El Financiero


Laila Abed, a political consultant and analyst, said US auto subsidies and AMLO’s electricity reform have pushed Mexico into a trade showdown with its northern neighbor.

with the electrical repairAnd Mexico violates T-MEC, though United State Violates the law by supporting the cars Electric, exposed. However, he warned that the danger was greater for the Mexican nation.

“What a government Mexico It is that treaty, laws and contracts that companies enter into with the Mexican state and not with the president in turn,” as Abdul expressed in his participation in the Sunday program La Silla Roja.

confirmed that a Trade conflict with the United States Very dangerous because it can be very expensive MexicoWho usually loses arbitration against the northern state.

In addition, he stated that approval of the said reform would curb investments in Mexico, which could eventually halt economic growth.

regarding subsidies to me electric cars On the part of the US government, the academy also asserted that “President Joe Biden has union support in his DNA”, so his administration will do what is necessary to protect the rights of workers to unions in I and companies operating in Mexico.

Although there are inconsistencies in the initiative to support US automakers, Abed said, Mexico is more at risk of losing to a plate and having to pay onerous fines.

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