Mexico speeds up preparations for the 25th Solidarity Meeting with Cuba

MEXICO, APRIL 15 (PRENSA LATINA) The Mexican Solidarity Movement with Cuba is accelerating preparations for the 25th National Meeting to be held on the 24th and 25th of the following day, this time around, its organizers indicated today.

All solidarity organizations at the national level have been immersed in this task for 62 years after the victory of the revolution, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples, as explained to Prensa Latina Tamara Barro, Solidarity Coordinator Member. –

He added that they would commemorate the victory over the mercenary invasion of the United States by Playa Giron, the first military defeat of imperialism in America.

He said that this year’s meeting will feature luxury exhibitors such as former Culture Minister Abel Prieto. Alida Guevara, daughter of Che; Noemi Reposa, Vice President of ICAP; Miguel Barnett, President of the Cuban-Mexico Association for Cultural Relations; and Alcides de la Rosa, a fighter from the Girón, among other speakers.

He said the event will be inaugurated by the Cuban Ambassador to Mexico, Peru Nunez Musquera, Mexican Senator Gloria Sanchez, and Reposa on behalf of ICAP.

Tamara Barrow said that the event will take place in an international context in which the world is facing the Covid-19 epidemic since 2020, which has put health at the center of its concerns, and Cuba, in its eternal call for solidarity, is contributing to its fight. This pest is worldwide, saving lives with the brigades of doctors from the Henry Reeve squad.

This is despite the sanctions that have intensified the unjust and inhumane economic and financial embargo imposed by the US government more than 60 years ago and exacerbated in the administration of Donald Trump, in the midst of a search for options for soft, crude coups. With so-called “independent artists”.

He emphasized that for this reason, the Mexican solidarity movement with Cuba reaffirms its inescapable commitment to its people, its revolution and the right of this country to free self-determination, and calls for the strengthening of solidarity measures that demand an end to the trade embargo that causes serious damage to the economy and people of that nation.

According to the programme, the 25th session will be the working session where the presentations “Health in a Pandemic: Cuba Saves Lives” will be presented to the plenary. Economic Rearrangement: Mastering Socialism. Youth in Revolution: Participation and Challenges.

After that, there will be three work schedules, on topics such as the national action plan, social and youth networking, which will be followed by a cultural event.


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