Mexico’s tourism minister arrives in California “knocking on doors”

Mexico’s tourism minister arrives in California “knocking on doors”

EFE.- Mexican Minister of Tourism, Miguel Toroco, A two-day working tour of the United States began on Tuesday To promote their country as a tourist destination, focusing their activities on California, where the largest number of visitors leave Mexico.

With the tour, the head of the Mexican Tourism Secretariat (SECTOR) gives a new impetus to the program “door knocking processWhich aims to promote Mexican tourist sites among the countries that send the most visitors to the Latin American country.

California, ranked the fifth largest economy in the world, is the region of the United States that sends the largest number of tourists to MexicoThat is why first efforts in this state are focused on Toroko’s visit to Los Angeles, where he will meet with Mexican-American community leaders and investors, among others.

Among the contacts Torruco will have is a meeting with a group of 50 prominent Mexican American businesswomen headed by Rosario Marin, the first Latina to become a US government treasurer (2001-2003). Spanish women held this position during the term of former President George W. Bush (2001-2009).

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Accompanying Toroko on the two-day tour is Yucatan Tourism Development Minister Michael Friedman Hirsch. Minister of Tourism of Guanajuato, Juan Jose Alvarez Brunel; General Director of the Nuevo Leon Foundation for Tourism Development, Miguel Angel Canto Gonzalez; Baja California Undersecretary for Economics and Sustainable Tourism, Ruben Roa DueƱas, and Elizar Gamboa de la Parra, Durango Minister of Tourism.

Mexican officials will also meet with representatives of companies specializing in trips and travel in California.

Torruco will also hold a meeting with officials from Mexican consulates in Southern California, an area that includes Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, Axnard, Fresno and Calexico.

The group of officials will hold a press conference on Wednesday at a Hollywood hotel.

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