Miley calls Pedro Sanchez a “coward” and accuses him of using the “Maduro model”

Miley calls Pedro Sanchez a “coward” and accuses him of using the “Maduro model”

Buenos Aires. president of argentina, Javier Mileyhe called in a television interview “coward” To the President of the Spanish Executive, Pedro SanchezAbout which he said that with regard to freedom of expression, “he applies the same model as (Nicolas) Maduro,” the president of Venezuela.

“The coward (referring to Pedro Sanchez) sent all his ministers to insult me. He started with the Minister of Transport, and then, since I did not respond, he very cowardly sent women to attack me, and then he disgraced me.” Misogynist. Since I did not answer, he has already joined,” he stated in an interview with the channel All news (TN).

Spain's Minister of Transport, Oscar Puente, made a controversial statement on May 3 during a PSOE event, accusing Argentine President Javier Miley of “ingesting substances.” This comment sparked a strong reaction from the Argentine government, which issued a statement denying the statements and describing them as… “Slander and insults.”

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Puente later admitted that his words were a mistake and that he had not measured the impact they might have. He stated that if he had known, he would not have said it and described the context as “comforting.”

“It promotes freedom of expression, and is clearly a model mature “The one who steps up,” Miley said in reference Head of the Spanish Executive. He added, “What would happen if I did that here? What would the whole Zodiac band say?”

The Argentine head of state published several messages of support on social networks for the press collaborator in the formation on Monday. Spanish politics From the far-right SALF party, Vito Quiles, is embroiled in a controversy with Spanish Minister Oscar Puente, whom the caller accuses of using an official car to attend the singer's concert. Taylor Swift.

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The relationship between Miley and the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, as well as the relationship between their governments, is going through a period of conflict, including the Spanish authorities withdrawing their ambassador to Spain. ArgentinaMaria Jesús Alonso.

The moment of greatest tension occurred when Miley was accused “corrupt” Sanchez's wife Begonia gomezHe described the Spanish Prime Minister as a “coward” during the participation of the President of Argentina in an event Madrid From a party The far-right Vox party.

Next Thursday, Miley will depart again on a private trip to… Spain The next day to receive an award from the Juan de Mariana Institute, a think tank founded in 2005 whose name pays tribute to Juan de Mariana, a 16th-century Spanish theologian and economist known for his ideas on economics and individual freedom.

Spanish government spokeswoman Pilar Alegría warned Miley that if he planned to visit Spain this week and make statements, he must “respect” the Spanish people and their institutions.

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