Military exercises are taking place in the Taiwan Strait – El Financiero

Military exercises are taking place in the Taiwan Strait – El Financiero

China conducted live-fire military exercises In the Taiwan Strait This Saturday while the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiHe is finalizing his plans for a tour of Asia.

The exercises took place off the coast of Fujian Province. off taiwan. A warning issued by the local marine safety agency said the exercises were conducted near Pingtan, a county about 130 kilometers from the cross-strait city of Hsinchu in northwest Taiwan. This was the first live-fire exercise the agency had announced in at least a year.

Pelosi said Friday she was “very excited” about the prospect of an upcoming trip to Asia, but… He refused to confirm anything about his itineraryEven if you are going to visit Taiwan.

Reports that his trip would include a stopover in Taiwan sparked an angry reaction from China, which considers the autonomous island part of its territory.

Beijing has warned that there will be consequences if Pelosi visits the territory, including a Defense Department statement that alluded to China Military force can be used in response. She was scheduled to leave on Friday, according to people familiar with her plans.

“Mainland China will fight hard to the end To thwart Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, without fear of escalation,” said Hu Xijin, a hard-line commentator and former editor-in-chief of the Communist Party’s Global Times. He stressed that the United States and Taiwan “must be fully aware that this red line is a high-voltage line that they cannot cross.”

What did Biden and Xi say to each other?

Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping discussed the Taiwan issue at length Thursday in a phone call that lasted more than two hours. The island is the most important point in the relationship between Beijing and Washington.

Neither side made clear in statements whether Pelosi’s potential station in Taiwan had come, but a person familiar with the discussion said that Xi explained to Biden the size of the deal if Pelosi visits Taiwan, and Biden made it clear to Biden. what or what Pelosi makes her own decisions As Speaker of the House of Representatives, she cannot control what another branch of government does.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Friday that the United States “It has no physical and tangible evidence” China is preparing for a military response to a possible visit by Pelosi to Taiwan.

“We don’t have concrete indications that anything will happen from a military perspective on the Chinese side,” he said on a conference call.

As it was pointed out No need for “hostile rhetoric” by Chinese officials because “there has been no change in US policy regarding Taiwan”.

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