The National Liberation Army is involved in the case of the Bolivian girl Zarlet Clavigo, who was kidnapped a decade ago.

The National Liberation Army is involved in the case of the Bolivian girl Zarlet Clavigo, who was kidnapped a decade ago.
Zarlit Clavijo, who disappeared ten years ago and is presumably under the control of the National Liberation Army

Bolivian Marcela Martinez has been searching for Zarlette Clavigo for ten years, her daughter and former MAS member Everett Clavigo Garces. Zarlet was 17 years old when he disappeared in June 2012 in La Paz. However, the mother believes that the rise to power of leftist President Gustavo Petro will be an opportunity to restore her daughter.

At the beginning of the investigation, they believed that the person responsible for the plagiarism was someone close to Zarlit, but the prosecutor’s office did not press any charges and the mother was left without answers. Martinez has confirmed that the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance in Bolivia remains open, despite the fact that its legislation indicates that it must be brought after six months if there has been no progress in the process.

Faced with the agony of not knowing absolutely anything about her daughter, the mother commissioned a private investigation and obtained details that would link the National Liberation Army (ELN), a Colombian fighter, to the kidnapping of her daughter.

In an interview with Agencia Efe, Martinez revealed that this private investigation put her in contact with a man she identified as Raul Aguado. That person confirmed that his daughter was in the hands of the National Liberation Army, as prisonerbut the fighters were not directly involved in the kidnapping of the girl: the kidnappers held her and then handed her over to the Colombian vandals.

“They have my daughter at the border, sometimes in Colombia, other times in Venezuela, depending on the situation,” he emphasized.

When he learned that his daughter was being held in the country, Martinez made several trips to find out her whereabouts and the circumstances of her captivity. On only one occasion did he manage to see his daughter from afar. “I received very precise instructions that I had to abide by. I had to control my emotions, I couldn’t get close, I couldn’t hug her, I couldn’t talk to her, I couldn’t do anything, I just had to see if it was her, that she was alive and that she was okay.‘, Calculate.

Reportedly told by her guerrillas, their interest in keeping her was political. He intended to make a public receipt involving the governments of Colombia and Bolivia, and this said release would lead to a peace process. From Bolivia, there was no government action due to the 2019 political crisis. Later, the pandemic put another obstacle in the process.

Two weeks ago, Zarlet’s mother called the medium again. The only new information she got about her daughter is that she is near Barrancabermeja (Santander).

Martinez’s hope now rests on Petro, who has indicated her willingness to negotiate with the ELN. This diligence has been answered by personalities such as Elisir Erlento Chamorro, aka Antonio Garciaone of its senior leaders.

We have had talks in five governments, with the exception of Duque, who refused to comply with what was agreed with the previous government. And here we are, on the road to making Colombia a more just, equitable and democratic country. “

With this mutual disposition, this mother believes that her daughter can be formally handed over and her anguish ends, heightened by the indifference of diplomacy and the judiciary of her country. He pointed out that “the priority now through the official track is the issuance of the international search order and the international cooperation system.”

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