He was waiting for him every Sunday and after 40 years they meet again

He was waiting for him every Sunday and after 40 years they meet again

Sylvia met him when he was nineteen and she was 14. They lived in Aristóbulo del Valle, Misiones, and dated for a few months, enough for her to touch the sky with her hands.

For the young woman, life smiled at her and the landscape seemed more beautiful; She was in love and her heart was beating when I held her hand on the weekend walking in the light of the starry sky. Her boyfriend Kayk would sometimes hold her in his strong arms and spin her in the air and she was happy: “I remember Sundays in church, and beside him, I asked God to always have Kaik with me,” memories

But Kike left her without any explanation, leaving Sylvia sad. The times that followed were a big little hell, seeing him date a great number of women, which led to so much suffering that made those around him worry: “My uncles took me to live with them in another city, Leandro n.. scientist, until I forget about him.”

I wait for him every Sunday at the bank

Two years passed in which Sylvia did not stop thinking about him for a single day, despite the fact that the hopes of a reunion seemed distant. However, on an indelible day in her memory, Kike appeared in her new residence: he discovered her place of residence and went to look for her.

They sat on a park bench and talked for hours. He told her about the slander he was told about and he believed it, which made him leave her. He gave her hundreds of kisses and promised to come back to her next Sunday, then talk to her parents and marry her. But Kike never came back. However, every Sunday Sylvia waited for him on that bench in the square and always asked a neighbor who periodically traveled to the other town about him. He once told her: “I broke his leg at the sawmill, he has enough for eight months.” “Ah, that’s why he can’t come…”, I thought.

“I waited eight months for it to pass, but it also did not come. My mother told me that I stopped waiting, that I was unfaithful to him, that he would not come back. I am still waiting for him ”, admits Sylvia.

Shocking and honest news before the wedding

On a gray day to celebrate his memory, the detective tells him that he is married. “He forgot me,” Sylvia concluded, but, faithful to her pure heart, she asked God to bless him and allow him a very happy life.

“I kept our one and only picture together as a treasure, I always looked at it, pasted it in my family album, and remembered our courtship so often, his eyes, his voice, his laugh, his strong arms, his strong and solid hands from the work he did,” the account moved. “In the silence of the night and at dawn, I remembered him, loved him, waited for him, fancied him. I fancied a lot about the idea of ​​meeting him.”

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Years passed, Sylvia married a good man whom she chose as the father of her three children. He was honest with him from the first moment, before the wedding ended: “If I meet Kaik again, I don’t know what will happen.” His children saw his picture in the family album, and he told them who he was because it was part of his history. But although he kept it in his heart, he did not ask about it again: “I only ask God to take care of him and make him happy.”

Nordic doll and obsession

The year 2020 seemed full of hope, like every new year, without imagining that a strong storm was looming. The pandemic has shaken Sylvia’s feelings in such a way that one morning she finds herself asking Heaven not to die without seeing Kake again. Those times also deepened their weak marital relationship and they decided to separate.

“Then a friend gave me a Nordic dwarf and told me, ‘Legend says you have to give him a name and talk to him, if you don’t lose things,'” says Sylvia, smiling.

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She put him among some flowers, called him Kike and since then she’s been talking to him every day. Was that an obsession? Sylvia wasn’t sure, although she wanted to believe it. The following year, 2021, he travels to his childhood village to attend a friend’s birthday. There, in that encounter, he immediately recognized him.

“All my feelings stored and pent-up for forty years appeared, my soul shook again, my heart beat fast, I was very moved. We chatted, we were very close, and he took me by the hand, we took a picture together, I looked at the starry sky, I thanked God for giving me so much more From what I asked. I can now die in peace, I have already seen him, he is fine, without a partner and he was happy, according to what he told me. I no longer ask God for anything. I felt that my life was complete.”

Return to the city from which he fled

For Sylvia, seeing him was the best gift, but he was waiting for her much more: to her surprise, Kike called her the next day. Although the call from one of his daughters was more surprising, one day later: “He called me because he told him our story and how we met again that Christmas and all the feelings he had. It was Women’s Day and she greeted me for it and said she was happy Very much for her father who met his teenage love.

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At a distance, they kept a phone call, and at first Sylvia cried a lot, though she also laughed a lot. He cried pent-up feelings, the time wasted, the life they didn’t share; I laugh at his messages and sayings, with the magic of understanding that it is never too late.

“I was happy again thanks to him. Later I went to visit him, we talked, explained many things, and kept seeing him on weekends and holidays. I took ten days off in June and spent it with him, they were great days, met his children and grandchildren, and again in July We spent two beautiful weeks together, during which it was very difficult to say goodbye.

Since August, Sylvia and Cake have been living together in the childhood town of which she escaped from oblivion, although she never made it. Today he knows that he loves him as if he has never loved anyone and that he never wants to leave his side.

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