Khan crowns the success of the Labor Party and wins the position of Mayor of London – DW – 04/05/2024

Khan crowns the success of the Labor Party and wins the position of Mayor of London – DW – 04/05/2024

he Work by Sadiq Khan He was re-elected for a third term Mayor of London After the partial municipal elections that were held on Thursday in England, according to the census of all the regions that make up the British capital, which was released today, Saturday (04/05/2024). Khan's victory once again confirms the success of the Labor Party in the elections, which witnessed a sharp decline for the Conservatives.

Khan, the first Muslim to hold the position of mayor of the British capital, received 1.88 million votes, compared to 813 thousand votes for the conservative candidate Susanna Hall. Voting intention surveys confirmed the victory of the progressive candidate who took office in 2016 to replace the governor. Boris Johnsonwho ruled the capital before assuming the position of prime minister.

In addition to London, Labor has so far won eight of the eleven municipal elections held in large cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield, as well as in the York and North Yorkshire assembly. This major victory strengthens the Labor Party's hopes of seeing its leader Keir Starmer in Downing Street after the general elections that Rishi Sunak intends to call before the end of the year.

Bright days are coming

Of the 103 councils whose results have already been handed in, Labor won 48, eight more than in the 2021 election. On the other hand, the Conservatives lost ten, leaving them with only six. Meanwhile, the LDP won two and now controls twelve. The rest is distributed among small parties.

Khan thanked Londoners for their support and stressed that his party was “ready to govern again.” “Our best days lie ahead,” Khan said. He added: “For the past eight years, London has been swimming against the tide of a Conservative government, and now, with Labor set to govern again with Keir Starmer, it is time for Rishi Sunak to give the public a choice.” He said. .

He added: “The general election will not only pave the way for a new direction for our country, but will provide the bold action that Londoners want to see.” Khan made history in 2016 by becoming the first Muslim mayor of the capital, and now he is setting a record again by being re-elected for a third term, something that has never happened before.


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