Moderna vaccine begins production at a factory in France | Economie


Pharmaceuticals modern declared that his Serum against him COVID-19 It was started to be produced by its partner Recipharm at a factory in France, having been given the go-ahead from European regulators.

“We are proud to work with Recipharm to build an industrial production capacity in France to support the vaccination campaign in Europe,” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said in a statement.

According to the American company, the investments it made this year will allow it to double its manufacturing capacity in Europe.

Moderna produces most of its vaccines in the United States, but has already announced agreements with Swiss company Lonza to support manufacturing of its vaccine and is working with Catalent for the final manufacturing process in the United States and with Spain’s Rovi. The Swedish Recipharm is outside the country.

His COVID vaccine was among the first COVID vaccines approved by US and European regulators and is an important part of vaccination campaigns in many countries.

Moderna announced this week that the vaccine produced neutralizing activity against coronavirus variants, including delta, in a lab study that has not yet been reviewed.

According to a statement, the vaccine produced an antibody titer for all variants tested “in vitro,” including beta, which was identified in South Africa; Deltas, identified in India, and other deltas identified in Nigeria, Uganda, and Angola.

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