Muslims burn home church and beat new Christians in Uganda

Muslims burn home church and beat new Christians in Uganda

(Photo by Max Kukurudziak/Unsplash)

Islamic extremists set fire to a house in eastern Uganda after a group of approximately two dozen people gathered for prayer on the same day.

This incident took place on November 20, just a week after Muslims in Bussimpatia attacked and severely beat two Christian converts in a separate attack, according to sources.

Morning Star News The leader of the Christian congregation, Nicholas Mogomi, reported that the house church was located in the Lucca district.

In early November, he said, two prominent Muslim families put their faith in Christ as a result of fellowship members’ communication, angering Muslims in the area.

“Muslims accuse us of making noise and also of converting Muslims to Christianity,” Mugumi said.

Four Muslims, allegedly sent by the head of the local mosque, arrived at Mugumi’s home after a prayer service.

“After a heated discussion, complaints and accusations that we had become Muslims, they poured petrol into the coal stove and immediately the fire spread and engulfed the entire house when the attackers left,” Mogomi said. morning star . He said one of the attackers told them: “This is just a warning to you that we will return if you continue to guide our people to your religion.”

The outlet reported that the entire house and its contents were burned to the ground.

2 Christian converts were severely beaten by family members

Morning Star News Arafa Sanyang, 28, and his brother Zulufa Hagati Nkemole, 43, were reportedly severely beaten with sticks by members of their family on November 13, for their conversion from Islam to Christianity in October.

The two brothers were reportedly studying the Bible under a tree outside their father’s house when the attack occurred. They had just returned from Sunday Mass in Bussimpatia when they were interrupted by Hamza Lubija, one of their brothers who is the leader of a mosque. “God is greatest,” Lubija shouted, Nkimole told the outlet.

Lubija grabbed the Bible and began tearing pages from it. He also invited his two other brothers to join him.

“We were accused of bringing a corrupt and profane book into the home of a Muslim family and following Isa (Jesus) as the son of God, which is blasphemy in Islam,” Nkimole said. morning star .

The newspaper reported that Nakimole’s injuries included injuries to his shoulder, arms, knees, back and face. Siang had deep cuts on her mouth, hands and head. Fearing the revenge of her Muslim family, his wife took her three children and went to live with her Muslim relatives.

Nakimole said morning star A priest and a group of Christians who were passing by the family home intervened in the attack and managed to save the two brothers.

He said they were taken to a private clinic owned by another priest, where they received treatment.

These attacks are the latest in the ongoing persecution of Christians in Uganda.

How CBN News It also reported in July that Islamic extremists had killed a Christian in eastern Uganda simply for sharing the Bible with others.

Simulia Lativo A 47-year-old from Molo village in Kiboko District, was killed with a sword on July 3 by three men who accused him of “leading Muslims to Christ”.

Uganda’s constitution and other laws provide for religious freedom, including the right to propagate one’s religion and convert from one religion to another. Muslims make up about 14 percent of Uganda’s population, with high concentrations in the eastern parts of the country. Christians make up 82 percent.

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