NBA: Historic decision in the United States: NCAA becomes professional احترافي



07/01/2021 –

eJune 30, 2021 Record history in sports in the United States. It’s the day when you can’t say that amateur when talking about college athletes. The NCAA is going professional in a decision that will completely change the landscape of popular sports in the United States.

This Wednesday, the NCAA Board of Directors approved one of the greatest developments in the history of the college athletic program, opening the door to nearly half a million athletes. Start earning income from your fame without fear of jeopardizing your eligibility By one university or another, or your school has been put into question for violating decades-old amateur sports rules.

It’s a decision that has been expected for months, once the state passed laws that effectively invalidated NCAA regulations on the matter.

It’s a very important day for college athletes Because everyone will be able to benefit from his name and image,” NCAA President Mark Emmert analyzed.

Basically the NCAA restrictions on receiving athletes Sponsorship payments, promotions or public appearances. It is applied to all three divisions, i.e. to affect approximately 460,000 college athletes.

Athletes can too Reaching agreements with agents, something that some have already done, albeit in secret, and that risks heavy punishment. Now they can do so freely by informing them that, yes, any contract with their school “must ensure that these activities comply with state laws.”

At the end of March, the Supreme Court already Speak against NCA regulationsTo ban the admission of college athletes by name or photo. But the process has stopped and now emirt The NCAA is working to advance federal law regulating at the national level.

The problem was that some states passed laws against NCAA regulations, and the NCAA had to look for a temporary hold to prevent some athletes from getting income and some not. The idea is to establish general regulations for the entire territory of the United States The word “amateur” has been removed as of June 30. The college sports scene in the United States, through thick and thin, will never be the same.

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