Nearsightedness. Create lenses that can eliminate the disease

Nearsightedness.  Create lenses that can eliminate the disease

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Myopia is Eye diseaseThis makes people who struggle with it to notice distant objects. So far it is known that the only way Correction of this condition is done through a process, however, In Japan I decided to create a company Lenses that can eliminate myopia.

Kubota is a company in Japan that has decided to develop lenses that can eliminate myopia with the help of technology. according to Company statementIn Asia, the glass is expected to be marketed in the second half of 2021.

The company states that to correct myopia, the lenses should be worn for 60 to 90 minutes a day. The function of the glasses is that they reduce the axis length from the cornea to the retina, causing distant objects to become blurred.

So far, Kubota Pharmaceutical has not disclosed how long the glasses will need to see results. Or if it’s only a temporary effect, studies are still ongoing.

The Japanese company plans to start marketing eyeglasses in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. Taiwan and Singapore Selling through stores or online, as if that weren’t enough, Kubota too She is working on making contact lenses that can eliminate myopia.

Myopia is a condition that occurs when the cornea is separated from the retina on a large scale. This causes long-distance objects not to focus well and thus blurs.


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