Nespresso launches Amaha Awe Coffee Uganda Millennium Group

Nespresso launches Amaha Awe Coffee Uganda Millennium Group

Nespresso introduced the Amaha Awe Uganda (Uganda Hope) coffee in our country, part of the Origins Revival project that seeks to revive coffee cultivation in areas affected by environmental disasters, economic difficulties or regional conflicts; It also aims to preserve the rarest and most exquisite grains in the world.

Reviving Origins is part of Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality programme, a sustainable sourcing model that has promoted the brand in coffee-producing countries with an investment of CHF 10 million over five years (2019-2023).

“Coffee is the lifeline of entire communities around the world,” notes Guillaume Le Conff, CEO of Nespresso. In many regions, the crop has been threatened by various conflicts or by the economy: by reviving assets, it provides support to struggling coffee regions, strengthening local economies and, more importantly, communities in these regions.

Long term project

Amaha awe Uganda (Uganda Hope) in Lukonzo, a local language, is a seasonal coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains, available since May 2020 in 31 countries around the world, alongside Reviving Origins: Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Hope of Columbia beans.

Since its global launch in 2019, Reviving Origins has seen huge success in Manicaland, Zimbabwe and Caqueta, Colombia, where production has been under significant pressure; Now the availability of high-quality coffee has increased by 9 and 10 percent in those counties.

The goal of Reviving Origins is to make coffee a sustainable blend, helping coffee farmers increase the quality and yield of their crop.

In numbers

Coffee from Uganda, Zimbabwe and Colombia, which are part of Reviving Origins, is distributed to the countries.

Millions of Swiss francs are invested in Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme.

One thousand farmers in 14 countries have joined the project to integrate sustainability practices into farms and their surrounding landscapes.

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