Netflix confirms ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 premieres this year!

Netflix confirms ‘Emily in Paris’ Season 2 premieres this year!

Netflix Has a Christmas gift prepared for lovers “Emily in Paris”. during the event todom From the broadcaster this Saturday, the cast members revealed that the show will return on December 22 with a second season.

During the virtual event, the comedy series participated in the expected first place teaser The second season that we will present to you in it Truth news In this note. While the specifics of the schema are still being wrapped, we do have a few.

Also this week, Netflix revealed the first dream photos of the second season of Emily in Paris. Pictures show the consequences of Emily’s decision (Lily Collins) from finally enjoying the chemistry between her and Parisian chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo).

“Emliy in Paris” launches the teaser for the second season

The first teaser for Emily’s new season has been revealed in Paris

Almost a year after Lily Collins confirmed her return for the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’, streaming platform It has finally released the first long-awaited teaser for the new installment that you can see below.

According to the broadcast giant’s previous announcement, the series starring Lily Collins will release all 10 episodes – 30 minutes each – on the same day. Although Netlix has not provided many details of what will happen in the new version.

According to a short Netflix synopsis, season two will delve into Emily’s love triangle with Gabrielle and his girlfriend Camille (Camille Razat), while Emily tries to distract herself from work, all while meeting an interesting expat partner in the French class.

How good is Emily in Paris?

Emily in Paris confirms her second season

The show’s first season became one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2020, earning it two nominations rush amy For his inaugural tour, including one for best comedy series.

Although criticized by the public in France, for their use of “old stereotypes” in their culture, in countries such as Mexico And United State It has become my favorite Netflix series. We also bring you 3 must-see chains if you love Emily in Paris.

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