Netflix: This is the HORROR movie by Guillermo del Toro that will take your sleep away!

Netflix: This is the HORROR movie by Guillermo del Toro that will take your sleep away!

Netflix It continues to attract new content that is able to appeal to any type of audience, although some movies and series have been forgotten that could become the platform’s new favorites.

Scary stories to tell in the dark One of the movies that is back for those who have enjoyed some of the teen-filled classics, it promises to conquer a younger audience with scenes that will irritate your skin and invade your nightmares.

Horror movie on Netflix. Photo: Instagram

Cine de Terror and Netflix

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark takes us straight into horror classics in which some characters terrify a group of teens, something that never goes out of style and continues to make the bravest jump out of his bed.

In this movie, the scenes are transported to a small town in United State One of my favorite seasons, Halloween. It’s a story where the characters of Stella, Auggie, and Tommy set everything up for a horror-filled night, without ever imagining what would really happen.

The 2019 film, directed by Andr Vredal, from a script co-written by Dan and Kevin Hageman, and produced by Guillermo del Toro. This has moved from Amazon Prime Video to Netflix and promises to be one of the platform favorites.

Other horror strips

Akelaar It is one of the tapes available on Netflix that will also wake anyone in the middle of the night from nightmares. Talk about hunting MagiciansEspecially in the case of Amaya, accused of practicing witchcraft.

He enters the jamr is another of the classics that appeared on this tape. The protagonist is Owen, a young man who suffers from bullying and meets 12-year-old Abby who has just moved to his neighborhood. Although a series of strange events and murders begins with his arrival, he discovers that he is a vampire.

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