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The film was majestically shot thanks to the filmmaker who does not limit himself in making a political thriller full of betrayal, revolution, injustice and oppression. With two heroes, without a doubt, not only presenting the best roles of their careers, but that compete for an Oscar. A necessary and powerful fictional film that makes us see the harsh reality that existed and still exists with racism, minorities and feminism.

Written by: German Ramirez.

* Judah and The Black Messia (Cinemas)

Oscar Nominations 6 (Best Film; Supporting Actor, Daniel Kaluuya and Laketh Stanfield; Best Original Screenplay; Best Cinematography; Best Song, “Fight For You”.

Elenko: Daniel Kaluuya, Laketh Stanfield, Jesse Plimmons, Martin Sheen, Ashton Sanders, Lil Reel Horry, Elge Smith, Jermaine Fowler, Robert Longstreet, Terrail Hill, Dominic Fishback, Nick Fink, Daryl Brett Gibson, Amber Charday Robinson, Adam Ratcliffe, Caleb Eberhart, Zach Lee, Alicia Joy Powell, Crystal Lee Brown, Amary Chetum, Debbie Scaletta, Chris Hahn, Michael Ponomo, James Odom, Michael Harty, Matt Hudson, Linda De Gaines, Alonda Chevitt, Steve Rizzo, Laura Allen, David Garage Peter Lawson Jones, Mel Bowser, David Haynes, Aaron Clipper, Ton Tank, Roger Bettan, Todd C. Adelman, Anthony Garcia, Chris Drexel, Shalanda Fresh, Chris Breen, Bobby Rodriguez, Chris McKayle, Brian Andrews, Suzie Cocker, Logan Fry David Goebel and Dominic Thorne.
Director: Shaka King (Newlyweeds).

Classification: “B-15”.

A true story about Bill, a criminal who steals cars, and after his arrest the FBI proposes to acquit him of his crimes if he cooperates with them by infiltrating the “Black Panther” party of the black leader and activist Farid. Hampton.

In general, every year a film is released that touches on racism with such strength, heart and cohesion; In the year 2021 we are faced with this, a strong, crude, unfair and realistic fictional film that shows us once again the sad reality that still lives with this topic, especially with our neighbor to the north.

In my opinion, both this film and the KKKlan Infiltrator from “Spike Lee” are the greatest actors of recent years for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. he isThis is due to the nicely designed script, which knows how to take its time to make one of the best action thrillers of the year.

Added to this is his ability to grasp his sights and impress him, in a movie that seems to leave no respite, despite its calm on many occasions; Plus directing King, who seems to be a little inspired by Scorsese’s best work to revive this unforgettable feature film, but without losing the style that made him known.

To this we should add two of the best performances of the year: Daniel Kaluuya (Howe, Pantera Negra) and Lakeith Stanfield (Entre Navajas e Secretus, Howe); The first, in my view, is the one that beats the film with its solid performance and delivers, so far, the best performance I’ve seen out of the Oscars competitors. He explains with his partner why they have been some of the best Hollywood actors in recent years; And that is that their commitment to their roles is really fun, practically perfect cake cherry.

The powerful way in which he brings this sad truth about life from the 1960s to the big screen, and thus transmits it to these times, is simply heartbreaking and wonderful, especially since its creator knows how to treat us at will, full of surprises, cruelty and strength; Basically, because he knows how to draw us into the horrific reality that exists all over the world, be it in the US, mainly, with racism. In Latin America, with women or minorities around the world; In the end, they all go hand in hand in a world full of oppression and injustice.

Finally we face one of the sexiest and most powerful movies we’ll see this year; Without a doubt, a movie that defines the harsh reality that still exists in the world.

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