Network users have revived “Fray Bigotes”, a cute dog rescued by Franciscan monks

(Image: Twitter)

In 2017, the story of giving moved the world, it was about a small schnauzer who was adopted by a group of Franciscan friars And it turned She is famous for wearing specially designed clothes like that of her devout owners.

But that was almost five years later monk whiskers Spread again on social media, Well, users who had never seen it before were surprised to see the strange pictures of the puppy and its life in it The monastery is located in Bolivia.

It all started in Twitter, A netizen known as Tomás @CorVi_0070 took up the dog’s story and quickly made a huge hit.

“After being abandoned by his family, this puppy was adopted by these Franciscan friars and He lives with them in their community, and becomes “Fray Bigotes”, Put it in the tweet, which has reached more than 97 thousand likes.

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)

In the shared photos you can see the puppy with the extension Usually brown and accompanied by those who saved him.

In light of this, reactions from netizens were immediate and many made all kinds of encouraging comments towards the dog.

“And I’m thinking it was my grandfather.” The real Franciscan movement. “Come on, my son, come, give your hearts to the Almighty Lord.” “I want to be that dog”were some of the signs that appeared on social networks.

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)

Although small schnauzers are known as monk whiskers Your real name The monk Carmelo Before he lived with the religious, he spent his days in a A dog shelter in Bolivia after being found on the streets, wanders aimlessly.

And so a group of monks from the convent of San Francisco, in Cochabamba, was looking for a puppy shining the lanes with joy, Suddenly they meet Carmelo.

The Franciscans, because of the patron saint who knows them, have a special relationship with animals. Saint Francis of Assisi has been named the patron saint of animals, veterinarians, and environmentalists. About his character, there Hundreds of anecdotes that show his sympathy. One of the legends says, for example, that the swallows faithfully followed him and formed a cross over his head.

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)

Given this context, Bolivian monks followed the San Francisco message and thus adopted Carmelo. A few days later, they decided to baptize him with a certain name: Fray Bigotes. His relationship with religion did not end there. The brown cassock dressed in his clothes made him a celebrity on social networks.

“The dog has all the space he could want to play and run freely. Too One of the brothers commented on it.

Fray Bigotón was accustomed to the Franciscan Order. Jorge Fernandez, one of the monastery’s fathers said: “His life boils down to playing and running. You have no obligations whatsoever.. Here, all the brothers love him very much. Now it is a creature of God. “

In addition to having no commitments, Fray Bigotón is a role model. The Cold Nose of Bolivia Project was responsible for saving her when he was still called Carmelo.

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