US judge ensures Covid vaccines are developed with cells from ‘aborptive babies’

Clarence ThomasA US Supreme Court judge has confirmed that vaccines against Covid-19 were developed from Cells from “aborted babies”.

Conservative justice’s controversial stance came Thursday in a dissenting opinion in a case in which the Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit. Challenging the religious freedom of the vaccination mandate Against Covid-19 in New York by 16 health workers.

The state requires all healthcare workers to show it Vaccination test.

They are religiously opposed to all available Covid-19 vaccines because they have been developed using cell lines Derived from aborted babiesJudge Thomas justified, according to the American media Politician.

conservative judges Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch Join Thomas in his dissenting opinion.

interested in trade He explained that although this is true embryonic cell lines crucial to proving the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, the truth is often misunderstood with dubious claims that recently aborted fetuses have been used to produce vaccines or that the vaccines themselves contain Aborted fetal cells.

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