The United States will continue its efforts to end the ‘stay in Mexico’

The United States will continue its efforts to end the ‘stay in Mexico’

The The Department of Homeland Security (DHSOn Thursday, he indicated that he would continue his efforts to end the program.stay in mexico‘obedience to judgment’ Supreme Court of the United States It allows him to abolish the policy that forces asylum seekers to wait in the neighboring country to develop their procedures.

We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to reaffirm that the author (Alexander Mayorcas) has the discretion to terminate the program, and we will continue our efforts to terminate a program As soon as legal Permissible‘, he pointed out DHS in brief statement.

President Joe Biden’s government canceled the program in 2021 Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), also known as “stay in mexicoIt was created by his predecessor Donald Trump in 2019, but in response to a Texas lawsuit, courts were forced to reinstate the procedure last December.

The Supreme Court ruling, which did not allow the MPP to be removed from the pit, returns the legal complaint to lower courtsWhich should take into account the recent memo issued by the Secretary of Homeland Security last October, Alexander Mayorcas.

In this sense, DHS highlighted today that, as Mayorcas concluded in October 2021, the MPP is “inherently flawed, imposing unwarranted human costs and diverting resources and personnel from other priority efforts to secure our borders.”

Immigrant rights advocates urged Thursday this Thursday Biden administration To quickly put an end to MPP, cancel Address 42 A sanitary measure that allows for the expulsion of immigrants on health grounds.

In this regard, the Department of Homeland Security warned today that it “will continue to enforce immigration laws and continue to enforce court order of Public Health Order (named) Title 42 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

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