New Amsterdam: They showed obvious medical errors from the Netflix series | algebraic

New Amsterdam: They showed obvious medical errors from the Netflix series |  algebraic

United State. – NBC moved to Netflix and made it happen fall in love Thousands of platform users to an extent put it As one of the most watched series of its kind global levelAll-inclusive medical series Drama From the hospital and of course the health conditions that must have Logic to the audience.

New Amsterdam Could you to get angry For those who don’t know Medicine And make them feel like experts Health, but the real doctors came to analyze announce series and Error detection They stick to the text to some extent Not real.

It all started with him Colombian student of medicine, Rudy Royal Royce, known as Effect He is a young man who shares his knowledge and often resolves their doubts friendly. It was on his channel YoutubeDr. Rudy, Dondy Year video achieved to frustrate to me fanatics From the Netflix medical series.

with video in detail His analysis explained to users what he thinks and gave his positive points or Denial According to what happened in New Amsterdam, the first thing he referred to was reliability that protagonist Max Goodwin (Ryan EggoldHe gets up early and starts the day with a cup of coffee and some an exercise morning. Then he gives his positive view of Habit from hospital to Insults among the medical staff“Nurses speak badly of doctors and doctors speak badly of nurses,” said Dr. Rudy.

However, he agreed that these two points were the most true reveal From the first chapter of New Amsterdam, then refers to the viewer Not real as a patient”Apparentlydeadreached by Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) and search revive The patient was ill despite being told by the nurse that she had no vital signs. Rudy commented:Nothing is close to reality“Because according to the first diagnosis, everything points to that The patient died for several hours.

Then Last positive cancer test Max Goodwin, to discover it had to do a stretch biopsy throat that’health effect“Indicates that it is not the most comfortable For biopsy more in-depth medical studies are needed, so record further سجل Error from the series.

commented that there confusing explanations Among the doctors at the time of the analyzes, as it only seemed to raise Medical terms So that sounds like real dialogue, as in the case Dr. Vijay Kapoor Explain to a family member thatThe brain told the heart to stop beatingRudy comments with a bit of humor that that looks weird غريب And he’d never read anything like him.

Finally, he discusses Dr. Rudy Case A
african patient Who goes to the hospital with
severe symptoms which indicates
Positive for Ebola virus, so they decided
isolation. During patient complications مضاعفات
Dr. Bloom He decides to approach him without taking the necessary precautions. “He got in without the care needed to be safe. It would almost be doing it
disastrous, would
put in
risking his life As health professionals we know we have to
Protect our health to save othersYoutube concluded.

Obviously, users won’t stop watching the series they loved so much, but they were surprised to find out
New Amsterdam was full of
Errors It could never happen inside a hospital.

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