Who is Terry Silver in “The Karate Kid 3” in 1989? | TV | entertainment


The character is played by Thomas Ian Griffith and will appear in the fourth season of Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’.

the actor Thomas Ian Griffith First appeared on the big screen with the tape Karate Kid Part Three (1989), which remains by far his most famous film. at that time Griffith has already stood out for his martial arts skills With 27 years old.

on tape Translated by Terry Silver, friend of John Chris (Martin Cove), which is Help him financially after Chris and his academy run out of students After losing the championship in the second film of the saga.

Kris is also talking to Silver about Miyagi and his pupil Daniel Larseau (Ralph Macchio), Inspires in Silver the desire to avenge his friend. “I will make them pay for what they have done to you, I will make them suffer and suffer and when they think that is enough, I will begin to suffer. It’s our turn, we Cobra Kai, he will never die“.


Terry Silver has been configured to be the new villain in the saga when you decide it He will make Daniel Larseau his student. “When I’m done with that boy, he’ll ask me to be his teacher… Do you know what he will learn from me? Pain in every part of your bodyYou will feel fear in every corner of your mind. I will teach him a lesson and he will appreciate it,” he told Chris in a phone call.

to achieve your goal, Silver makes Miyagi and Daniel think Jon Kris died of a heart attack She apologizes for competing with Cobra Kai. So, He will also show that he is someone worthy of Daniel’s trustTaking advantage of the fact that he and Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki) pat Morita) Get away.

Terry coaches Daniel in “Karate Kid III,” available on Netflix.

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