New York and Washington are searching for a serial killer for the homeless

cities New York And the Washington DC reported that a serial killer from homeless He’s on the loose asking for help in locating him. Photo: Reuters.

Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser, Mayors of City New York Based on Washington Capital , I jointly mentioned that a serial killer From homeless He is at large at both locations in the US, so they have requested support to identify the suspect.

Police Departments New York And the Washington DC confirmed that the serial killer homeless Commits crimes with bullets. There are five recorded cases of people in the same condition of the dead while they slept.

serial killer homeless

  • Ask the mayor homeless Go to the shelters
  • This, until the suspect man is arrested

police New York And the Washington DC has released pictures showing a bearded man in black clothes with a shaven head. They offered a reward of $10,000 for the information. He can recognize him. He is suspected of committing a total of five attacks under the same thing The method of work.

“A ruthless killer is on the loose, but we will arrest him and put him in jail. Our residents are shocked by these horrific crimes committed by an individual targeting the most vulnerable population.”.

Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser.

New York And the Washington

  • Three cases occurred on March 3, 8 and 9 Washington Capital

By Saturday 12, the serial killer homeless I moved 400 km to the city New Yorkabout They commit two more crimes against a 38-year-old man Another was found wounded in the neck and head. Before shooting them, he kicks them to see if they react.

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