Nile Safari Lodge: The African Dream in Uganda

Nile Safari Lodge: The African Dream in Uganda

sleep in paradise

Every night at sunset husky prom And the unfathomable that comes from the waters of the Nile begins at the foot of the rooms. These sounds are repeated every few seconds: Sometimes it is softer, sometimes surprisingly high, Continue accompaniment in the background during hours , So sleep wins.

The heroes of that roar are none other than hippos Owners and emperors of the Nile, who soon joined cockroaches and frogs And an occasional fellow adventurer: they are all responsible for the composition Soundtrack of Nile Safari Lodge. It can also be seen on the terraces Vervet monkeyslittle monkeys, funny and mischievous, He makes his own show.

A view that you can enjoy, if you like, from the rooms themselves, all approved Swahili names that respects nature, like Upepo, which means wind, or lower, earth. Spacious, transparent, with each Necessary details To transform your sleeping experience at Nile Safari Lodge into An unforgettable memory.

Sunset at Nile Safari Lodge, Uganda.Jens Garecht / Beyond Green

both from bed – Elevated on a wooden platform – from the bathtub – the bathroom with an all-glass wall – or from the private balcony, Views of the Nile and everything that happens in it do not do more than suspense for who sees them To put the icing on the cake, two showers: one inside and one outside. And some sunsets This simply cannot be described in words.

Pamper yourself, favorite act

Luxury can take many forms, They know it well here. Therefore, every aspect that can make the perfect stay is to think until there are no options: the experience should be 10. This, of course, includes gastronomy: Chef Melissa He is the one who coordinates the menus that can be enjoyed at lunch and dinner, as well as in the hotel bar, where Tapas and snacks menu Always available.

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