Nomad Cruise, the ship that sails the seas with hundreds of entrepreneurs on board

Nomad Cruise, the ship that sails the seas with hundreds of entrepreneurs on board

Digital nomads are professionals who work while traveling because they perform their work online and enjoy geographical freedom of movement. The result of this change is seen in the business model Nomad Cruise.

Its founder is Johannes Faulkner, German, after many years of working and traveling alone, had the idea to share a transatlantic cruise to Brazil with other traveling entrepreneurs in order to do business on the ship and tour South America together upon arrival. The advantages were clear: on the one hand, they would support each other to overcome the fear of loneliness while traveling, and on the other hand, they would seize the opportunity to meet and establish professional relationships.

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The result was a complete success and thus, spontaneously and without planning, this project was born in 2015, which already contains social communication From over 8,500 members. since then Nomad Cruise He crossed the Atlantic on multiple occasions, ferrying hundreds of digital nomads from place to place while attending training courses and conferences on a ship. Because learning and fun can go hand in hand.

This journey is only the beginning, he points out FaulknerIt’s the trip of a lifetime“Because when arriving on the mainland is when the learning and knowledge gained are absorbed and when the true connections are made networks that extend over time.

Onboard Nomad Cruise

We spoke with the theorist of this initiative, Johannes FaulknerAnd the To tell us the keys to this project that has more and more followers. During the interview, we also asked him about the upward trend in remote work and the dynamics of work in the future. He receives us on board the ship he’s in Nomad Cruise He crossed the ocean from Spain to Panama, passing several Caribbean islands, on the ship monarch From Pullmantor Cruises. (EMP): What is Nomad Cruise’s mission?

Johannes Faulkner (JV): The mission is to build a strong community of people working remotely to support and help each other, and to create a network of contacts around the world.

EMP: What do you consider your added value?

JV: The cruise is just the beginning. Our experience tells us that the participants then go to work together, meet and continue to provide support day after day. In addition, we are waiting for the first wedding of the couple who met on our cruise (Faulkner says with a knowing smile).

EMP: What did you do before Nomad Cruise?

JV: I worked in internet marketing blog or note It was aimed at digital nomads, so I had an extensive network of contacts on Facebook that helped me build this project unplanned, not planned, but happened spontaneously.

EMP: How exactly did this initiative come about?

JV: It was quite an impromptu project. I’ve been working and traveling on my own for a long time and always had issues meeting other remote workers. Suddenly, while looking for trips, I found an affordable cruise to Brazil and thought it would be helpful to tell the other fellows so we could do business on the ship and then travel together in South America.

EMP: Why is it so important for nomads to have a community to rely on?

JV: Since you are able to successfully implement remote work, the trick is to be able to count on people who can count on you and accompany you. Otherwise, it can be very difficult and you will feel very lonely. This is why we are such a broad, close-knit community.

EMP: what is the social impact of Nomad Cruise?

JV: We support all those digital nomads who join our cruise and do social projects, trying to help them through our community with everything at our fingertips. We have, for example, a case Stella Romanapromoter Foundation 22 starts which is committed to educating and educating the children of Uganda and that it will soon be able to educate an additional 150 children.

EMP: Why do you encourage people to join your project?

JV: Because you meet interesting like-minded people who have different skills to learn from and also to experience the spirit of sharing and helping each other. Also the most important thing is that you meet people from all over the world, get on the ship alone and disembark with 80 new friends.

EMP: What updates from Nomad Cruise will you highlight in the future?

JV: We will hold more meetings around the world to connect all the participants who participated in the different editions without having to get on the boat. Different routes are also planned. There are many novelties, but after each cruise we are also guided by the suggestions that our community leaves us.

Photo: Denisa Boyka

EMP: Do you consider remote work to be the future of work?

JV: Definitely yes, if you have a job that you can do online. People are still not aware of the benefits of telecommuting, but little by little its advantages will become more apparent and will be put into practice more and more.

EMP: But not all jobs can be done remotely, so what about those professionals who can’t work online?

JV: They can adapt their business to allow them to travel and work, although obviously not everyone can. But, for example, if you work in an office and use the necessary online tools, it will be possible, and we will all be able to do it one day. latest version of Nomad Cruise left from Spain. This was the first time he had crossed the Mediterranean. On board were more than 200 digital nomads from 43 nationalities. The countries that were distinguished by the number of participants were: Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, and Hungary, and the next edition will be in the fall, from Spain (Barcelona) to Brazil (Recife).

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