Oh geez, that’s me! A man has been reported as ‘missing’ backing his search

Oh geez, that’s me!  A man has been reported as ‘missing’ backing his search

Turkish reported on behalf of Missing Inadvertently joining in on their own search, before they find out he’s the one they’re looking for.

According to the Turkish news channel NTV, the man known as Bihan SaeedOn Tuesday, the 50-year-old went out for a drink with his friends at a nearby bar in the town of Inegol de Bursa.

At a certain point, Mutlu broke up with his friends and entered the forest. With the passing of hours and seeing that it is no longer, and knowing that there is Drink a lot of alcoholThe man’s wife and friends alerted the local authorities, who had started the search.

Somehow Mutlu saw that there was a file search squad From a missing person, I decided to join. Neither family nor friends noticed that he was among the group.

At some point, some of the group members started shouting the name of the person they were looking for. That’s how Mutlo realized he was the missing person.

“What are we looking for? I’m here!” he replied, according to NTV.

One of the rescuers took Mutlu aside to testify. “Don’t punish me so hard, officer. My father will kill me,” the man said, according to Turkish media.

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