Olympic athlete tests positive for COVID-19 in Japan – El Financiero

Olympic athlete tests positive for COVID-19 in Japan – El Financiero

Increase in COVID-19 cases in Such as And a new emergency: this is the panorama looming a little two weeks after the start of Olympic Games 2020.

Added to this is the infection of many athletes who will participate in the sports fair.

An athlete from Serbia tested positive for Covid on Saturday, the Associated Press reported, leading to the cancellation of his team’s training in the central city of Nantou.

Also, Japan’s government recently acknowledged that four people who arrived for the event tested positive after entering the country earlier this year.

On June 19, a Ugandan team member tested positive for the virus upon arrival at Narita International Airport and was placed in quarantine.

In subsequent days, a second member of the East African team contracted the virus, forcing close contacts to self-isolate.

Health officials noted that both of the infected Ugandans were delta carriers.

The Olympic Games will be held without an audience in Tokyo

The sports fair is being held without an audience in the capital after a new state of emergency was declared due to an increase in COVID cases.

This measure will take effect on July 12 and last until August 22, that is, It covers the period during which the Olympic Games will be held.

Among the restrictions are the ban on serving alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants, in addition to the necessity of closing their doors at 8:00 pm.

The committee explained that There is still a possibility The public may attend Olympic competitions held outside Tokyo or in areas not subject to a state of emergency.

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