Olympic Depression and Marketing • Forbes Network • Forbes Mexico

Olympic Depression and Marketing • Forbes Network • Forbes Mexico

What could I happen?

Here are the six most important points that I consider to have influenced the 2021 Olympics and are of interest to marketers:

1. Covid – We are still at the peak of the epidemic, and the results of the delta and gamma variables have caused many countries to close borders again to prevent the spread of the disease. Even two members of the Ugandan team have already been detected using the delta variant. However, the show must go on, until it puts members from all the countries involved at risk. On the other hand, it seems that if Japan decides to cancel the Olympics for this, it will owe the IOC about $30 billion.

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2. Streaming – With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBOMax, and more, who needs another expensive cable subscription? Now we can broadcast anything we want, anytime, as a community we have evolved beyond the need for cable TV. América Móvil with Marca Claro and Claro Sports continue to own the broadcast rights to the Olympic Games in Latin America, but what would have happened if they had known how to relate to someone more respected, like HBOMax, which collected 2.3 million viewers for the 1985 premiere of Wonder Woman, they might have been able to Gather wider clients to see them.

3. Simone Biles – gymnast calls for a day of mental health as the world watches it. Simone Biles takes a daily medication for ADHD, Ritalin, which is illegal in Japan. Biles applied for a “Yakkan Shoumei” (“Important Certification”), and was allowed to take his medications in Japan. But the call opened a global debate about the mental health of athletes and later removed the world’s best gymnast from the game, which could also cause the audience to drop.

4. No live viewers – This ties in with the number one spot, we’re still in the midst of the pandemic and we want to reduce its spread, but this should only positively affect the box office numbers here. If people aren’t at the Olympics, shouldn’t those same people at least follow the events at home? The hustle and bustle of the live audience at the Olympics is about half the fun, so we understand why people might be less interested.

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5. Politics – Today it is all political, with Covid and the state of the world to be expected. There are protests in Japan about organizing the event in the first place. The Japanese government cuts off speeches for athletes who are predominately political, but the driving force here is that everyone watches the Olympics. Not allowing athletes to make viewers feel their position other than turning away the audience.

6. Corruption – In terms of the previous point, we unfortunately see how more people who wear long pants travel to Tokyo than athletes and we also see how athletes who have little or no love of the shirt are nationalized once they wear the shirt. The uniform is throwing it away. Litter or score athletes in ineligible tests with “commitment” and a long list of actions that only indicate the authorities’ lack of knowledge and interest in the sport that will make for the lowest medal harvest in history.

Well, what does this mean for marketers?

As a marketer, if you plan to help organize an event, consider the political arena in which it is taking place.

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Our biggest problem with this event is that we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. It affects everything from ticket sales to the event itself, and even the mental health of athletes. An event that was once a huge success across the board, and now it is being held by a thread to win the audience.

Consider the channels in which it will be played, most people have completely abandoned traditional media, if this is the main platform for your event, are you sure it will be successful?

Despite the above, I see channels that still assume they have the best audience, but if compared to the previous one, can we still consider them successful? If not, consider evaluating other platforms.

Marketers can take advantage of this event and learn from and act on COI mistakes.

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