Opinion: United States, Mission Impossible for Selecta?

Opinion: United States, Mission Impossible for Selecta?

El Salvador will seek to break history. There was a refreshing breeze in the friendly against Honduras and finally it was time for Brian Gill to make his debut.

The Mission Impossible of the Selecta in the US today adds the Orlando chapter. Hugo Pérez’s team is pitted against CONCACAF’s favorites to win the League of Nations, and the premise will be to face history and score on American soil, in a match crucial to entering – or not – the fourth round.

El Salvador’s only match this year, the friendly against Honduras, left a fresh breeze of good vibes. The level shown by Enrico Hernandez is one of them. He returned that resolute, confrontational, committed player so much that all patriotic attacks were bound to pass through his feet.

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The debut of Leonardo Menjivar, the shawls player who was asking for evidence, was also a pleasant surprise: he showed grit and determination without regretting his first outing in the blue. Aside from the own goal, Melvin Cartagena’s work was also highlighted, Thomas Romero complied and Giroud and Christian Gil showed a face and a vertical. His brother Brian will finally have the opportunity to debut with Selecta, after a request that has been going on for nearly two years.

We’ll see how much he can contribute by being in Colombia, which is a much higher league than the Salvadoran one. From the third brother, Meyer, there are also tangible hopes for the blue level to rise.

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“We have to do something that is impossible for many: come to the United States and win,” said Hugo Perez, a football expert from the north. Although there are world class players ahead, Selecta could give another sign of improvement in the best case scenario.

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