Outcasts tell how they survived by sharks for 28 hours in Louisiana

Outcasts tell how they survived by sharks for 28 hours in Louisiana

A sport fishing boat with three sailors on board collapsed and sank 40 km off the coast Louisianain United State. The worst of it was that when they sank they began to be surrounded by sharks and from there they began a painful rescue operation of more than 28 hours during which terrifying moments passed.

It is the story of a miraculous rescue that shook the whole country. These three sports hunters in extreme heat were rescued by Coastguard American: “They were literally fighting sharks for six or seven hours,” he explains Kevin howRescue Coordinator.

They have been fighting sharks for literally six or seven hours.

They have been in the water for more than a day. Luan Nguyen He was even bitten by sharks and survived to tell the tale: “I put my fingers in his eyes. I broke and injured my fingers, I have bites. You can see the lacerations and cuts from the shark’s teeth.”

And what started out as a happy day fishing with friends, ended up being a nightmare 40 kilometers off the coast. Their boat sank, they were buoyant thanks to life jackets and coolers, and they were harassed by as many as four sharks.

message with 2% battery

His last card was to shoot a message. “I sent my site to a friend with a 2% battery,” he says. “And I saw he was responding to me…and the phone hung up.” Fung LoAnother fisherman was rescued. The Coast Guard arrived just in time to save their lives. You just have to see how one of the jackets got bitten to understand the tragic situation they went through.

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