Pedro Castillo. AMLO says it will not cut ties with Peru “but we’ll wait a few days”

Pedro Castillo.  AMLO says it will not cut ties with Peru “but we’ll wait a few days”

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He assured that relations with Peru would not be severed after the dismissal of the presidency and his subsequent arrest Pedro Castillobut stated that the best thing to do was to “wait a few days”.

In a morning press conference, the head of the federal executive asserted that his aim was not to interfere in the initiation of the affairs of the Andean state.

“Aren’t relations severed with Peru?” asked in The National Palace.

“No, but we will wait a few days, I think it is more appropriate. It is not our intention to interfere in trying things, we are very sorry, yes, that these things happen because the people are suffering,” the Mexican president said.

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“I actually came to the conclusion: the more detached the behavior of the elites from the feelings of the people, the better, because often here and anywhere, the decisions of the elites have nothing to do with feelings and with their own good,” he said.

Yesterday, the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Peruvian Congress warned the Mexican ambassador to Lima, Pablo Monroy Cunesa, to ask President Lopez Obrador to stop Interfering in Peruvian affairs and sent as a diplomatic envoy before the parliamentary benches, to intercede on behalf of the now deposed President, Pedro Castillo.

The strong warning was raised to Monroe by Congressman Maricarmen Alva, of the opposition People’s Action Party, and Congressman Ernesto Bustamante, of the opposition Forza Popular, chair and member of the committee, respectively.

With information from Alberto Morales

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