“AMLO follows the same modus operandi as Pedro Castillo, Congress makes him uncomfortable,” Kenya Lopez Rabdan denounces

In recent days, President López Obrador has supported Pedro Castillo for not allowing him to take over the presidency of the Pacific Alliance (Photoart: Infobae)

after the boss Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Separation regrets and detention Pedro Castillonow the ex-president of PeruChairman of the Senate Human Rights Committee, Kenya Lopez Rabadanwarned him this Wednesday that that, too “You will be doomed.”

Via her Twitter account, the lawmaker said of the National Action Party (bread) indicated that both Castillo and Christina Kirchnerthe former president of Argentinaallegedly accused acts of corruptionWhich awaits them because of imprisonment and contempt of their people.

“Christina Kirchner (from Argentina) to prison and Pedro Castillo (from Peru) to expulsion and detention. Such is the fate of populists who impoverish their people. This López Obrador will be your future. imprisonment and contempt“, Wrote.

In an interview with Infobae MexicoLopez Rabadan criticized that despite the serious accusations, AMLO has defended them Not only in networks, but also in organizations, Violation of the principle of non-interference in the affairs of other countries.

Senator Kenya Lopez Rabdan (Photo: Twitter/Kenalobeizer)
Senator Kenya Lopez Rabdan (Photo: Twitter/Kenalobeizer)

Pedro Castillo and Cristina Kirchner are part of the vision that President López Obrador has been championing. They are his friends, as he advocates, not only on social networks, but he also does so institutionally. […] It justifies not justifying a government that has not produced results in Peru or Argentina.”

In this sense, for amlo panista “You’re on the wrong side of history.” Because he maintained that Kirchner and Castillo, in addition to being prosecuted from a legal point of view, are “punished from a social point of view.”

He was even confirmed to be the President of Mexico It follows the same way of working That his ex from peru to “Profit with poverty”They want to rule on the basis of “legal decrees” and seek “destroy” institutions democracy.

“It is clear that the president (López Obrador) is not comfortable with Congress, it must be a counterweight to the executive power. The constitution bothers him. He is not comfortable with the rule of law. That is why he asks the police not to obey the orders of the judges. That is why he wants to crush Congress with initiatives that do not act decisively to destabilize Institutions The guide is clearly laid out at the international level.”

People wear a T-shirt with the logo on it "castle outside" About the stickers that say "Cubans outside Peru" During a protest after Congress approved the president's impeachment (Photo: Reuters)
People stand on a “Castle Out” T-shirt above signs reading “Cubans Get Out of Peru” during a protest after Congress approved the president’s impeachment (Photo: Reuters)

“Congress must be a counterweight to the executive power”he added.

However, he did not dare to predict whether the same fate would happen to AMLO, before or after the end of his six-year term, in December 2024.

The people of Mexico will say that (at whatever point he is prosecuted). It became clear that there are no conditions for trusting the president. Instead of providing better conditions, we are going through a security and economic crisis the likes of which we have not seen in 20 years.”

about the possibility that the Mexican government might offer it to him Political asylum Castillo, just as he did a few years ago Evo Morales From Bolivia, Lopez Rabadan said that providing him with shelter It would be a “serious historical error” by AMLO.

Pedro Castillo pictured after being arrested by the Peruvian police (Photo: File)
Pedro Castillo pictured after being arrested by the Peruvian police (Photo: File)

Mexico should not be a hiding place for people who have debts under the law, The boss should not give way to cover his friendsHe stressed that what should be expected on the contrary is that there is justice for the citizens of these cities.

That afternoon was the Chief of the Foreign Office (SRE), Marcelo EbrardHe assured that if the former president asked for asylum in Mexico, he would grant it to him.

We have a favorable asylum policy. I don’t think we will refuseIf he asked for it, we would consider it in a positive sense, and we would not oppose it. But he didn’tThe foreign minister said in a radio interview.

However, he explained it so far Neither Pedro Castillo nor his family asked for support to the Mexican government.

Dina Polorat is sworn in as President of Peru until 2026 after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo on charges of moral incompetence.
Dina Polorat is sworn in as President of Peru until 2026 after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo on charges of moral incompetence.

This morning, the plenary session of the Peruvian Congress dismissed Pedro Castillo “permanent moral impotence” After the president announced earlier about Dissolution of the Legislative Council And the declaration of an exception government for emergency.

Then, Dina Polwartwho served as vice president in Castillo’s government, became Peru’s first female presidentWhen sworn into Congress.

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