The mother greets her son with belts upon her release from prison | video

The mother greets her son with belts upon her release from prison |  video

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in Tik Tok turned viral clip In which, apparently, a mother belts to her son after he was released from prison after spending the night in the police station. The amusing moment allegedly took place outside a police station in Peru.

The weird truth video was posted on the account Tik Tok– @valesaldarriaga18- It shows a man who got out of prison, which he could not imagine His alleged predecessor’s reactionwho was waiting for him outside with a belt.

As can be heard in the video containing audio Tik Tok what. Says “I wish the devil would take me”the middle man left with a smile To be greeted by his relatives who were already waiting for him at the exit.

What a man did not expect was a woman, Apparently his motherI’ll get it with some belts a reprimand for the bad behavior that led to his arrest.

In the recording you can see the man receiving, at least, Five belts By the woman, before the gaze doubt and Ironic of the policemen at the entrance to the detention center where he is supposed to be located Solana, PeruDepending on the user who posted the video.

In the comment box, the user who also posted the video Specify the alleged causes Which led to the arrest of the man.

“He spent the night in the police station because the police arrested him because he was drunk hahaha”; explained the young woman.

The section accumulate so far 3.8 million views And hundreds of comments Reaction support mother when receiving her offspring.

“It’s never too late to get it right”; “In the end he regretted letting him go”; “Ma’am, I was going to fetch the old light cable”; “A thousand rounds of applause for that mother”; “Ha-ha-ha, cops don’t laugh.” These are some of the comments left by users in the video.


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