Pedro Castillo was drugged into ordering the coup in Peru, a former official hints

Pedro Castillo was drugged into ordering the coup in Peru, a former official hints

EFE: Congressman and former Prime Minister Guido Bellido This Friday announced that the ex-president Pedro Castillo He does not remember reading the letter to the nation in which he ordered the closure Congress And the installation of an emergency government, and he hinted that he could have been drugged to do so, after he visited him in the prison where he has been held since Wednesday.

“A few minutes before he was given a drink, which was supposed to be water, and after he drank the water, he felt dizzy,” the former official told the media.

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Blidowho was the first chief of staff at fortHe said that “the president does not remember”: “He told me in his own words” and that he did not hesitate to describe the letter read by the then president as a coup, and asked to know who wrote it.

This is the president’s response and we have to respect it. It is rare for a president who has not been impeached for lack of votes to end up making arguments for a vacancy. Free Peruthe party that led Castillo to the presidency in 2021.

The mental state of fort Reading the letter to the nation, the evidence that he was not within his powers leads to the assumption that he could have been induced, that toxicology testing is urgent and the Public Prosecution Office must have access to the security cameras of the minors,” he previously wrote on Twitter.

Congress plans to receive fort In a plenary session, Wednesday, to present his defense of the request (dismissal) of the vacant position filed against him due to alleged corruption allegations opened against him, and in light of new incriminating statements.

However, Castillo – currently held in Barbadillo prison, east of Lima – went ahead of that plenary session and addressed a message to the nation announcing the dissolution of Parliament.

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Bellido added that Castillo realized the seriousness of his words as his ministers began to resign, one after another.

We need teacher freedom Pedro Castillo. “We will demand that the president tell the truth to the country,” the lawmaker told the press.

On this day, several former state ministers went to the prosecution as witnesses in the trial opened against them fort about the alleged crime of rebellion, and at least two of them told reporters that they were not aware of the decision made by the former president.

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