Protesters throw bottles and boo Antoro Humala for recognizing Dina Poulwart as president

Protesters throw bottles and boo Antoro Humala for recognizing Dina Poulwart as president
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In an eventful parade in Place San Martin, Anthony Humala — an ethnic leader who served time for killing police officers in Andahuailes — addressed Dina Boulwart, whom he recognized as head of state, and signaled the progress of the general election.

The demonstrators booed and insulted him after these statements. according to Overview, They threw plastic bottles and other items at him, forcing him to cancel his brief intervention and leave the scene.

Southern Peru is experiencing violent days. In Andahuaylas, two police officers were taken hostage by protesters who were later released. Siege continues in southern Peru. They do not recognize Dina Boulwart as president and demand early elections

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Boulwart’s home region of Apurimac declared itself a popular insurrection this Saturday and will commit to a territorial strike starting Monday, December 12th. This measure was taken after a meeting of social organisations, according to Contacto Directo Noticias.

for three A few days later, hundreds of citizens in Andahuaylas began protests against the Boloart government, to which they demanded his resignation and early elections.

The head of state called for calm and dialogue for small groups of demonstrators who went out in recent days to protest in various cities of the country, against the events that left 10 civilians and 10 police officers injured.

Through his Twitter account, Polwart I declare that respect, dialogue and tolerance are essential to democracy.

Several sections of the Panamericana Sur highway were intermittently closed by sit-down protesters, suspending commuter traffic for the long weekend.

Confrontation between demonstrators and members Peruvian National Police (PNP) In Andahuaylas Province, Apurímac Region, it is left as a balance Two police officers were kidnapped and at least 20 others were injured. However, members of the Order were released by protesters this afternoon, the Police Foundation reported.

According to the videos that were broadcast on social networking sites, it was noted that Petty Officer PNP Walter Silvera Obregon He was tied alongside a flag and guarded by two protesters atop a sentinel that was erected in honor of the police officers who died in the protest known as ‘Andahuaylazo’, which took place in 2005.

In another clip, it was also possible to see the police force being forcibly taken away by protesters to march through the streets of the city, as two people with their faces covered held their arms.

according to N channel, Silvera Obregon was tied up near the arena. Demonstrations were also held in the center of Lima, A short walk from the Government PalaceProtesters clashed with the national police on Friday and the agents dispersed them with tear gas.

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