Tiktoker discovers his friend’s betrayal by zooming in on his cell phone- Uno TV

Tiktoker discovers his friend’s betrayal by zooming in on his cell phone- Uno TV
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Young tiktoker cacha “betrayed” her boyfriend. Getty Photo | illustrative

a tiktoker A viral video was released to show the moment Her boyfriend was “unfaithful” to her through Zoom in from him cell phone. Mother Roseon your TikTok account @tweetAnd the registered red handed Your partner when you have a compromising conversation with another woman.

The viral video, which already collects 4 million likes, 50,700 comments and has been shared 230,800 times, captures the moment in which the young woman, sitting atop a rooftop, uses Powerful zoom for your new cell phone camera to get close to the watch What her boyfriend is typing on the keyboard from your phone.

The video recording shows how the young woman is focused on where she lives Lover And then, he took a perfect snapshot of the conversation at that exact moment The “traitor” friend argues with one of his “mistresses”Then we will send you a file screenshot.

Tiktoker finds out about his friend’s betrayal: “That’s why I don’t believe in anyone”

The tiktoker He talks to another person and says:That is why I do not believe in anyone; You have time there He thinks he knows more than me, but he doesn’t know me yet (…) He thinks he knows more than me and what NicoleMe too.” To which the subject that does not appear in the frame replies: “Hum, I will help you, Today he will sleep on the floor“.

Subject logged in young tiktoker when She takes a screenshot and sends it to her boyfriendwho, upon receiving the message and finding himself discovered,Red-handedHe reacts with fear and confusion when it’s his girlfriend. Later, he walks over to where she is, in what appears to be an attempt to try to fix things.

Luckily, The video is a parody. account this tiktoker He makes fun of the most common problems that can exist between spouses. Thanks to social networking and cell phone technology, it’s easy to know everything a person does or doesn’t do. Your tastes, preferences and locations. Today, hacking on social networks has become easier and more Betrayals are hard to hide.

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