People who haven’t had Covid yet may not have friends: Korean doctor | News from Mexico

South Korea: A Korean doctor mentioned that people who have not yet been infected with the Covid virus Maybe they don’t have friends.

Ma Sang Hyuk He wrote on Facebook last week that “Adults who have not yet been infected with Covid-19 are the ones with personal problems,” according to the Korean press.

After an awkward reaction, delete postbut a screenshot has been posted online.

Speaking to the New Daily, he said his comments were meant to be “metaphorical“.

“It was emphasized how difficult it is for anyone to avoid the virus in a situation where a high percentage of confirmed cases prevail in the region,” he added.

South Korea recorded 400,741 new cases of COVID-19 on March 16, the day the doctor published his comments.

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A Mexican doctor made a similar statement

In a story titled “The world may be sicker than it has been in 100 years,” published on February 6, The Wall Street Journal quotes a tweet from a Mexican infectious disease specialist. Brenda Crabtree which have a similar connotation.

“If you don’t have friends who are infected now, you don’t have friends.”

Meanwhile, recent data has shown that people have felt more socially isolated than ever before during the pandemic.

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