Kim Jong Un said that Pyongyang will continue to improve its weapons capabilities

Kim Jong Un said that Pyongyang will continue to improve its weapons capabilities

North Korean leader Kim Jong-unHe said his country would continue to develop “powerful means of attack” to bolster national defense during an event to celebrate the recent launch of an ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missiles), state media reported today.

As happened after previous versions of Intercontinental ballistic missilesKim posed for a huge photo with all the personnel involved in the development and testing of the missile that was launched last Thursday, which achieved the best range of a North Korean missile to date.

During the event, which was held over the weekend in PyongyangThe Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim “once again expressed the desire of our party to build strong defense capabilities to defend the security and future of our country and people through a more resolute, perfect and stronger strategic force.”

“Strictly speaking, defensive capabilities specifically mean strong offensive capabilities,” Kim added.

The North Korean leader promised to “continue to achieve goals in building national defense and developing much more powerful means of attack to equip the army.”

A photo taken by North Korea’s official agency, Pyongyang’s launch last Thursday, an intercontinental ballistic missile. EFE / EPA / KCNA

The event was attended by Kim Jong-sik and Jang Chang-ha, two of the leading figures in the development of the regime’s most advanced missiles.

After the photo, the Central Committee of the Labor Party held a reception for the officers, scientists, technicians and workers who contributed to the successful launch of the new type of Hwasong-17 ICBMKCNA says.

North Korea claims to have launched a Hwasong-17 missile for the first time last Thursday, a missile it introduced in 2020 and assumed to have a range of 15,000 km, although many analysts found inconsistencies in this statement based on images provided by North Korea. release them.

On Sunday, anonymous South Korean military sources reported by Yonhap reported that based on the thermal trajectory captured by satellites, what North Korea launched on Thursday will not be the Hwasong-17, but possibly an improved version of the Hwasong-15. An intercontinental ballistic missile that Pyongyang successfully tested in 2017.

In any case, experts agree that regardless of the type of missile, North Korea’s latest launch sends a clear message from Pyongyang, which is currently unwilling to talk and increasingly focused on strengthening its deterrence assets.

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