Peru’s Constitutional Court orders the immediate release of Alberto Fujimori

Peru’s Constitutional Court orders the immediate release of Alberto Fujimori

he He announced an appeal and ordered the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) and the director of Barbadillo prison “on the same day” to arrange for the immediate release of the former president. “Under responsibility.”

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The document states that the decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDC) – that the Peruvian state refrains from releasing… Fujimori– “He opposes the implementation of the constitutional ruling in this case” and warns of “lack of jurisdiction.”

“Because of this lack of jurisdiction Inter-American Court Human Rights, in the context of monitoring the implementation of judgments, by directly ordering non-implementation of the judicial ruling, this court ordered the implementation of the ruling issued on March 17, 2022 issued in the case at hand, in departure from what was decided in the decision of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights,” the court says. Constitutionalism.

Then the court referred to the amnesty that had previously been cancelled. The pardoner, issued by the Constitutional Court, said he supported Fujimori’s release “on humanitarian grounds.”

In a decision seen by The Associated Press, the court asked the government agency that runs the prisons to order “on the same day” the “immediate release” of Fujimori, 85.

Fujimori is serving a 25-year prison sentence as the intellectual author of 25 murders and serious injuries during his administration (1990-2000) attributed to a secret military squad.

Debate over the possibility of his release resurfaced this week when the transitional committee ordered compliance with, in the words of its president Francisco Morales, the former president’s “immediate liberty” upon requests for clarification on the 2022 ruling under which he was granted habeas corpus. The conviction was rejected and he reaffirmed the pardon granted to him by then President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

The judiciary later canceled this pardon when serious violations were revealed.

The judge said on Friday that it was not his office’s responsibility to implement the ruling, but rather the Constitutional Court itself, the supreme interpreter of the Constitution. He had sent him his sentence, with an order to implement his release order, because the lawsuit in favor of Fujimori had initially been filed with the Ika City Court.

However, ICA judge Vicente Fernandez denied that he had such jurisdiction because his court rejected the writ of habeas corpus. With information from AP

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