Conor McGregor, from the UFC to the presidency of Ireland

Conor McGregor, from the UFC to the presidency of Ireland

Ireland Three children were stabbed, leaving a five-year-old boy in critical condition. Something made Conor McGregor Who did not hesitate to strongly criticize the government. A fact that prompted the police to launch a hate investigation against the UFC fighter. The Irishman also stressed that he is considering running for office in his country’s elections: “I’d like to have my chance”He said in a tweet.

“Possible competition if you apply. Jerry [Adams]78. Bertie [Ahern]. 75. Enda [Kenny], 74. Each of them has unbreakable ties with their individual political parties. Regardless of what the public outside their parties feels. These parties govern themselves against the rule of the people“, books.

“Or me, 35 years old. Young, energetic, passionate and fresh in the game. I listen, I support and I adapt. I have no affiliation/bias/favoritism to any party. They will be truly responsible for the current public sentiment. I’ll even put everything to a vote. There will be votes every week to ensure this. I can finance. It will not be me who will be in power as President, but the people of Ireland. “It will be you and me,” he said.

Elon Musk responded to McGregor

In fact, the owner Elon MuskReply to McGregor on the social network: “I think you can handle all of them on your own. It’s not even fair,” with a laughing emoji, to which the fighter replied: “I would 100% have my chances, Elon.”

“Either way, I would be happy with absolute transparency and public consultation. Currently there is none. Not even one bit. The false promises appear at election time, and from then onwards, ignorance literally shows in the face. It’s disgusting. Even the opposition’s policies seem to me more like an attempt to gain power than an attempt to change. He continued: “If those currently in power agree to push all opposition positions toward change, that will not be enough.”

“It’s power/greed, the goal. I feel that if there was a shift in power today, the situation would be reversed. The same questions, requests, and condemnations, but only from the other side. I’ll clean up the damn day if it means hearing our problems, correcting them, and consulting the public on those decisions. Real democracy!”pointed out.

“Among many other things, the allocation of our nation’s money has been nothing short of criminal and without the slightest regard for the thinking of the public. That is why, if I have to do it, I will run.” Be the voice of people who deserve to be heard. The Irish presidency occupies a unique position compared to other countries, but it needs to answer questions. The tone will be very good for us in the audience. Our people feel ignored. inaudible. And of course until election time. “Then the shit starts,” he said.

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