This café in Japan gives you the experience of becoming a kid

This café in Japan gives you the experience of becoming a kid
  • Experiential marketing seeks to generate positive feelings and build an emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

  • Japan is distinguished by its experimental strategies.

  • The cafeteria enhances consumer visitation using virtual reality (VR).

This café in Japan not only satisfies your thirst for caffeine, but also allows you to experience childhood nostalgia in a whole new and literal way so you can feel like a kid again and also feel a little compassion for them.

Experiential marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and delivering memorable experiences for customers. Rather than simply selling a product or service for what it is, in this case, the goal is to create meaningful moments that connect emotionally with the consumer. In this sense, this is something Japan knows how to do well, since the place has a very good reputation for offering something different to consumers, especially in cafes, as in this case.

This café in Japan gives you the experience of becoming a kid for a day

This is probably the craziest idea you’ve ever heard, because it’s hard to imagine that there is a place, specifically a cafeteria that treats you as if you were a little kid, and for this purpose technology like virtual reality is used to generate a better life. expertise. Customers arriving at this café are greeted with a stunning giant head meant to highlight the feature between babies’ heads and the rest of their bodies. This strange statue weighs about 21 kilograms and is more than 45 centimeters high.

In this company-owned cafeteria Itochu, provides the opportunity to experience the world from a children’s perspective, transforming all existing objects such as cups, biscuits or food in general into objects of unusual dimensions in the eyes of adults. The same applies to the chairs and tables designed to enjoy these moments, which take on extraordinary dimensions.

As expected, the menu is also designed as if it’s for the little ones, and if that’s not enough, visitors have the opportunity to try out the classic backpack for elementary school kids in Japan, which is generally made of leather. In this version designed for adults, the backpack weighs approximately 19 kg, bringing the weight of children back into proportion with the backpacks they usually carry.

This is not the only cafeteria that Japan has, likewise, there is one where you can live with many cats, yes, this experience is designed for lovers of these unique cats.

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