video. Worse than the Grinch! A man steals a Christmas tree from a truck

video.  Worse than the Grinch!  A man steals a Christmas tree from a truck

Christmas It is a time when values ​​are reinforced, shared and gathered with family and friends. However, deviation It doesn’t stop: car and home thefts…and even Christmas trees.

A security camera recorded the moment, in the purest style killjoya man steals a Christmas tree that the owners left tied to the awning of their truck.

According to Fox News, the robbery occurred in the parking lot of a shopping center near Chase Drive and Vintage Park, in San Mateo, California.

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the video It shows a black Honda pickup truck parked, the tree tied to the awning. Then a white Infiniti approaches and stops next to her.

A man gets out of the SUV and, without the slightest remorse, cuts the ropes that the tree was tied to, lowers it, puts it in the bed of his truck and leaves.

The victim told Fox News affiliate KTVU that he bought the tree for her $250 (barely 4 thousand and 400 Mexican pesos) And I couldn’t believe what happened.

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Dion Lim of KGO-TV in San Francisco broadcast the video. He explained that the theft occurred last Friday, when the car owner entered the store for something.

The police inform him that they have never had a robbery like this before and that “even though they haven’t caught this Grinch, he’s definitely on Santa’s naughty list.”

The police are asking anyone with information about the thief to come forward so they can arrest him.

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