“Politics is not hate, it is the science of encounter.” Ricardo Monreal

“Politics is not hate, it is the science of encounter.” Ricardo Monreal

The head of the Senate’s Political Coordination Council, Ricardo Monreal Avila, said he is concerned that tension and polarization are keeping politicians away from channels of consensus and agreements.

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Mexico City, November 27, 2020. – Ricardo Monreal, Senator and Coordinator of Morena Corporation, gave a press conference during the regular session of the Senate. Photo: GALO CAÑAS / CUARTOSCURO.COM

While presenting the book “The Great Reforms of Regime Change”, at the Autonomous State University of Mexico, a Senator for Morena said that politics is not irrational.

“I am concerned that tension and polarization are increasingly alienating us from rational channels of consensus and agreement. I worry that we cannot live in perpetual discord. I worry because politics is not hate, politics is not disagreement, and politics is not irrational. He pointed out that politics is sociology, consensus and conventions.

The coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group in the Senate also said he was saddened that the country could be heading towards an inevitable confrontation in which the good against the bad, those who have against those who don’t, or the poor against the rich.

Point out current problems.

The legislator from the state of Zacatecas said that the country suffers from a serious problem, which is insecurity.

For this reason, deepened, now in the Senate there is a debate about the continuation of the armed forces in the tasks of public security, and it was proposed to extend the period, in a fifth transitional article of the Constitution.

He said, “The debate or discussion has not ended and that we have a few more days to seek agreements and consensus with all political forces to reach the possibility of understanding.”

He emphasized that upon the arrival of the current federal government, they did not imagine that the destruction of the social fabric would be so profound.

“When we got to the government, in Senate Or to Congress or to independent bodies as part of this process of historic renewal, we did not believe that the institutional decline of the public security forces was that profound,” he said.

This is due to the fact that, according to Ricardo Monreal, the public security forces of the states and municipalities have penetrated with complicity, co-optation and with all kinds of collusion with the municipal and state police.

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